Protective Surveillance

This service can be used in numerous ways, ranging from monitoring threats, and ensuring they are eliminated before they happen, to discreet proactive protection. This provides an added layer to the close protection service, which is more focused on immediate or close range threats.

Our protective surveillance operatives will deploy numerous techniques to gather intelligence on potential risks. Doing so enables us to provide you with a robust and effective protection plan, providing an additional layer of security.

Surveillance will be carried out on potential threats to ensure that any identified risks are managed accordingly. Our operatives can blend in with the local population, showing no connection to the client or their protection team. This enables us to expand the security radius further away from the client and their close protection security that act on immediate and close range threats.

This additional service gives the client an added layer of protection, and allows for an increased reaction time. Generally, high-level politicians and royalty use this service.

Protective Surveillance is usually carried out in addition to the close protection service, however some prefer to use this as a stand-alone service, depending on their needs.