Private Investigation and Prosecution

Private Investigation, Asset Trace & Prosecution

We only employ former intelligence, law enforcement and crown prosecution lawyers, to carry out operations.

Our operatives are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience, ensuring the highest prospect of success.

We provide a turnkey bespoke service, whereby our operatives will conduct an investigation, gather Intel, trace relevant assets, and prepare a file that will present all relevant evidence in a disclosed manner, that can be relied upon in court proceedings. 

We have carried out investigations and asset tracing for a number of governments and organisations. Even though the cross-border nature of these investigations was highly complex, we succeeded in not only tracing relevant assets, but supplying relevant support and evidence that led to freezing orders being obtained.

Due Diligence

The risks associated with entering into business with someone can be high. Some sustain serious financial loss, whilst others face criminal prosecution and even imprisonment. 

Whether you are investing, selling, purchasing or entering into any form of agreement with someone, our operatives will conduct an investigation to gather relevant Intel, placing you in a position so that you are able to make an informed decision and avoid serious issues.