Luxury Yacht Charter

EDP can bring you the ultimate in luxury yachts, combining opulence with the highest level of security.

Tailored to your needs and desires, a professional crew dedicated to your every need will serve you, whilst you are immersed in the height of decadence and relaxation.
Depending on your requirements, we are able to provide luxury yachts that contain a range of amenities including: movie theatres, spas and private beach clubs.
Whether you require World Class Chefs, DJ’s or Qualified Beauty Therapists, we can fulfill your requirements.
Along with such luxury comes a varied level of risk, dependent on the region that you are in. Yachts of all sizes are often the target of ‘Pirates’, even off some of the most famous and favored parts of the world, such as: the Caribbean, Maldives, the Mediterranean and Mexico.

Attacks are common and nearly always involve an extreme level of violence. EDP are able to combat this risk deploying highly trained operatives, whilst using the most cutting edge technology and tactics available.

We are aware that cabin space is limited on some vessels, we therefore tailor our approach to meet client needs. We often deploy support teams on land, who run parallel with your activities, ensuring protective surveillance is conducted and that things run smoothly throughout.