Counter Surveillance

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

This service is widely known as electronic bug sweeping, and is conducted via the detailed physical and technical inspection to locate and neutralise covert surveillance devices.
This service is designed to provide government level counter-eavesdropping protection. This service is fully ISO accredited & delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions, able to fulfil the most complex client requirements.
In addition to detecting, locating and identifying any illicit bugging devices, we can also identify additional areas where an organisation may be losing information. We can also combat illicit eavesdropping methods deployed through IT/Bluetooth devices, un-encrypted systems and broadcasting equipment.
Our expert counter surveillance team will first conduct a risk assessment to ascertain the level of risk from an unauthorised eavesdropping attack. A plan will then be drawn up to counter the present threat and highlight any vulnerability that needs to be addressed.

Live monitoring of meetings & events

Our expert counter-surveillance operatives are able to provide monitoring of meetings or other sensitive events to deliver the highest possible assurance that no localised eavesdropping has occurred. Effective live monitoring for all forms of surveillance attack requires capability and processes unique to our experts.

Permanent live monitoring systems

We will conduct a site survey then design & install the best solution to meet requirements for palaces, royal residences, embassies or other locations. This is particularly relevant where no unauthorised mobile phones or Radio Frequency (RF) transmission equipment is permitted.

Mobile Phone Forensics

This service provides government level Phone Forensic Investigation (PFI) and Phone Incident Response (PIR) capability to our clients.
Our legal team can also assist with search and seizure support including conducting Anton Piller court orders to obtain mobile phone evidence essential for clients to prove their case.
EDP forensics and investigation operatives are thoroughly vetted, to the standards of BS7858: 2012 and our search and seizure services are fully ISO accredited.
We also provide analysis of phones and mobile devices to conduct SIM malware identification, containment & analysis. Our operatives are also able to carry out wireless data traffic capture and analysis to identify eavesdropping.
Other services we offer include and are not limited to cell site analysis and phone data recovery.”

Secure Communication Services

EDP is able to provide secure communication options to and from international locations. The legality of these secure communications is a vital matter that we can provide assistance with. We can also provide secure containers & secure rooms to protect clients’ information and assets from Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring or interception and audio monitoring or interception. These types of containers & rooms are designed to reduce RF and audio emissions to acceptable levels and comply with applicable standards.

Phone systems/Fax systems/Mobile phones

We are able to supply our clients with a range of devices that are either hardware or software encrypted, enabling users to communicate over a secure audio channel.

Email & webmail

EDP is able to provide a range of software encryption solutions to enable users to communicate via email or webmail in a secure manner.

Wide area networks

We are able to test the security of all forms of Wide Area Network including those working over cable, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, fibre or any other form of communication. An evaluation can then be carried out, and encrypted solutions will be offered to ensure that your WAN cannot be intercepted or eavesdropped on.