Close Protection

Elite Diplomatic Protection offers Close Protection Bodyguard Services and Turnkey Security Solutions, specifically to royalty, politicians & embassies. Whatever the level of risk, our Close Protection Bodyguard Service will meet your requirements.

Unlike other security firms, our practice specialises in servicing members of the elite. Providing security services to this calibre of client requires specialist know-how, and a highly trained unit, able to function with military efficiency.

Threat levels are naturally higher than that of executives or celebrities, and client needs totally differ. We are able to provide an unparalleled service, offered by no other security firm, using the most skilled operatives and deploying cutting edge technology to eliminate threats.

We provide a range of services, from full-time contracted protection teams to one off royalty protection event packages. Should you require an enhanced level of security, we can provide counter surveillance services to ensure privacy and eliminate surveillance threats. We can also provide protective surveillance services, which will provide a more proactive means of threat prevention, ensuring the source of your threat is monitored.

The majority of our operatives are former military or former law enforcement, all of which have been trained to the highest level. Our operatives typically consist of former Special Forces SAS/SBS, former SO6 Diplomatic Protection and former SO14 Royalty Protection.

We thoroughly vet all of our operatives, ensuring maximum safety, and that our clients are looked after by only the best operatives.

Every close protection assignment is different, with considerations such as language, cultural necessities, lifestyle and political threat always taken into account.

Female operatives can be supplied to suit cultural or family needs, should women or children require a more covert approach to protection.